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sexiest scenes

Hi, all. We all know that Velvet Goldmine is a sexy movie from start to finish, but I'd like anyone's feedback on what you feel are the sexiest scenes and why. Here's my take on it:
1)When Curt is laying between the two groupies, and his eyes cross and his head drops back. I just want to take care of him. 2)Brian's seductive expression onstage when he catches Cecil checking him out for the first time. 3)The way Arthur looks at Curt backstage at the Death of glitter concert. Eyes buring thru him. 4)When Curt runs his thumb over Arthur's lip.5)Brian and the blooming flower scene in the Ballad of Maxwell Demon video.6)When Curt starts smashing glass in the studio.7)When Mandy is doing Brian's make-up in bed.8)When Brian is singing Ladytron to Mandy. He looks at her so intensely and then there is that black cape he's wearing.Sigh.9)In 1984, when Arthur looks at himself in the mirror, remembering the past.10)When Malcolm sucks on his finger during "20th Century Boy". I deliberately left out the most obvious sexy scenes for fun, and to make you guys think! LOL
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